Balvenie single barrel 25

Dried fruit takes a spicy, Christmas-like turn toward the baking pantry, with notes of cloves and cinnamon dominating.

There’s more red fruit on the palate — think plums — along with notes of blood orange and tangerine.

Ansvaret for whiskyerne er lagt i hånden på Malt master David Stewart og Brian Kinsman.

Balvenie single barrel 25

The Balvenie er et af Grant familiens tre destillerier og blev grundlagt i 1892.Malt Whisky Yearbook 2012 fortæller alt om alle skotske, irske & japanske destillerier krydret med mere end 500 billeder.Derudover en detaljeret gennemgang af helt nye og planlagte destillerier samt destillerier fra lande vi normalt ikke forbinder med Whisky.The nose is exotic and rich, offering punchy notes of well-burnt sugar, coffee, dried figs and raisins, and a touch of coal fire smoke.The body then takes all of these components and promptly kicks them right in the ass.

Balvenie single barrel 25

Lucky day: Not one, but two new bottlings from a perennial favorite: The Balvenie.Actually, the distillery has recently released three different whiskies, the third being The Balvenie Fifty, Cask 4567, a 50 year old expression that runs $38,000 a bottle.Some malt is here, but the cereal character is warm and inviting, like a well-doctored bowl of oatmeal on a cold day. Balvenie single barrel 25-49Balvenie single barrel 25-84Balvenie single barrel 25-54 This whisky drinks embarrassingly easy despite topping 94 proof, taking its burly, rounded body and just having its way with your palate from start to finish. Speaking of the finish — it’s long, warming, and, as it vanishes, it leaves you begging for more.

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