Mark sanchez dating life

NFL quarterback who was drafted 5th overall by the New York Jets in 2009 after playing college football at USC.

He helped lead the Jets to the AFC Championship game in 20.

Maybe Mark has been moonlighting as a building super between Jets' practices.

She stressed things were not all that serious, stating, "Mark and I are, you know, fine.Mark Travis John Sanchez known as Mark Sanchez is American football player playing quarterback position for New York jets which plays National Football league. secret casual dating Essen He started playing for New York Jets after he got selection in 2009.We're happy just dating."Later in the month, the two were seen being quite the couple as they went apartment hunting around New York City, via .If you thought the tumult on the field for Sanchez was ridiculous, consider the couple will have to go through the usual amount of rumors hitting all other A-list celebs.

Mark sanchez dating life

Or maybe Mark and Kate are just friends and he needs to talk to her about his struggles as leader of the Jets offense.It would make a lot of sense for him to make numerous visits to her after the Jets were destroyed by the Eagles 45-19.And this also wouldn't be the first time the two have been linked together as Kate Upton was seen attending a Jets game in September. Sanchez has come under fire lately for not playing up to the team's expecations. Mark sanchez dating life-88Mark sanchez dating life-86 It's his third year in the NFL and rumors swirling around love life will only intensify the scrutiny that comes with being the quarterback for a New York team.The New York Post has already run the headline "No Wonder He Can't Complete a Pass" in their piece about the link between Sanchez and Upton.

Mark Sanchez is enjoying quite the volatile season.(Super side note: When was the last time a football team scored 19 points?) But, if all those extremely plausible possibilities aren't actually true, I guess it could be constured that Kate Upton is dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.After going 19-12 with two AFC Championship appearances in his first two seasons with the Jets, he struggled in his following two seasons and was released in 2014.He then spent two years with the Philadelphia Eagles before signing with the Denver Broncos.

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