Secret casual Dresden

Compare Casual Kink, which is the same thing for BDSM and fetishism.Compare Ambiguously Bi, where things are more, well, ambiguous.Momentarily perplexed, because then with the true scientific mind they would seek reasons, they would look deeper and like a an observer through a microscope who switches from daylight to ultra violet, red chains of mind control criss-crossing this ball of spinning rock known as Earth would leap into view.They would then realise that our minds were not our own, that we Whites are slaves to those who control our minds, and that these Mind Controllers were therefore the Masters of something fast resembling a global slave state.

secret casual Dresden

However, reading the hate-filled orders that Ilya Ehrenberg and others of his ilk gave over the allied radio stations during and after World War II chills the blood. The camps of the Rhine Meadows were American run and 1.1 million German POWs died there by the simple expedient of being given no food, no water and no shelter.It’s a long list, but will it mean anything to him? Has our member of the British public possibly ever heard of the huge network of death camps known as the Camps of the Rhine Meadows ( the ‘Rheinwiesenlager’) ? Ok, well ask him whether he can you name for you one of the hundreds of death camps in the USSR? What about the names of any of the Siberian Gulag camps?For example the Kuzbas camp, Tschassow Jar and those camps in the Central Asian Republics such as Kimpersai in Kazakhstan? History is written by the victors and never more so than in the pre-internet era of modern communications and mass propaganda. All the above death camps were places where German civilians and German POWs were tortured and killed.Perhaps he’s heard of the extermination death marches of Brunn, of Pohrlitz? Those who died on these marches were again Germans. It couldn’t have been many – otherwise we’d have heard about it or so thinks the naïve general public. Between the start and end of WWII ( ie 1939 – 1945) 7.5 million Germans (civilians and POWs) were killed. Between the end of the war and 1951 a further 2.4 million German POWs were killed and a further 5.8 million German civilians were killed.IN OTHER WORDS 8.2 MILLION GERMANS WERE KILLED AFTER THE END OF THE WAR.

Secret casual Dresden

Miranda: Oh, I forgot to tell you, I'm a fire hydrant! Looting of Cultural Assets, Theft of Patents, Kidnapping of Scientists and Skilled Workers, Atrocities and Crimes Committed by the Allied Forces in the Aftermath of World War II.Yet there is little to gain in them broadcasting these figures and much to lose. The answer is that they were killed in the usual way in which genocides are carried out – whether it be the Ukrainian ‘Holodmir’ of the 1920s /30’s or the Palestinian ‘Nakba’ of the 1940’s, the usual ad hoc mixture of methods: a bullet in the back of the neck; massacres by Communist Partisans; ill-disciplined troops on the rampage; casual violence; gang rapes; expulsion; starvation; forced marches; torture; shelling of civilian areas; aerial bombardment including the firebombing of cities; and intolerable conditions in various sorts of camps; and mass expulsion – 18 plus million Germans were expelled from their homelands in what was Eastern Germany towards the end and after the war – 2.1 million of them were killed or died as a result. secret casual Dresden-21 None of this was accidental, as Dr Nordbruch makes quite clear it was planned by the Allied Powers at the highest levels and energetically pursued and implemented all the way down the command chain by ‘the liberators of Europe’. They aren't depraved or polymorphously perverse incarnations of uninhibited sexual mores; they're just folks who are attracted to both sexes. Some pass for straight or gay or allow others to make their own assumptions.

Bisexuals are not portrayed so much for their mannerisms as their supposed habits.Let us look at the numbers again: 15.7 million Germans killed, 8.2 million of them after peace was declared. And yet how many members of the general public are aware of these figures?This is ‘Europe’s dark secret’ and represents an attempted Genocide of the German people. It shows the REAL sentiments of Capitalism, Liberalism and Communism. And yet what does the establishment history of the war tell us? Once a war is over, usually the propaganda is dropped and the truth comes out.Waylay any member of the hapless British Public, who hasn’t read Dr Claus Nordbruch’s ‘Bleeding Germany Dry’ and ask him what the following list is.Wolfsberg, Glasenbach, Konigsberg, Muhlberg, Hohenschonhausen, Ketschendorf, Jamlitz, Funfeichen, Torgau, Tschemoschna, Jagerndorf, Olmutz, Rabstein, Theresienstadt, Tachau, Matejovce, Litzmannstadt, Pawianitze, Lubin, Lubraniec, Lamsdorf, Rudolfsgnad, Krusevlje, Kreuznach, Thoree- les- Pins, Bretzenheim, Neuengamme, Fallingbostel, Gakovo, Jarek, Molidorf, Lubbecke, Grasleben, Swientochlowice, Graudenz, Tost, Belowo, Grunthal, Backi Jarak, Tenje, Sternthal, Stari Vrbas, Betschkerek, Brux-Maltheuern, Potulice, Durst. It is a list of death camps associated with World War II.

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