Single Guldborgsund

Willow scrub and alder copses form the remaining vegetation.

Birds: The reserve houses many breeding birds that are typical for reedbeds.

Work is still being carried on in the pit, but the municipality, in co-operation with the owners, has established a nature trail all the way round the pit, and from here there is a good view over the whole area.Visiting and access: From the E47 motorway, which crosses Falster, turn off at junction 43 and drive towards Stubbekøbing on route 293.In Blæsebjerg, turn right in the direction of Lillebrænde.After just under 1km a Bird Protection Foundation sign can be seen indicating where one can park at the side of the road.From here, a track crosses the fields and leads to Barup Sø.

Single Guldborgsund

A large part of the reserve consists of reedbeds, whilst the lake itself is limited to small open stretches of water.However, in extremely wet periods the whole reserve can be transformed into a large lake.The trail does not seem to have any negative effect on the birdlife, although the dog training that goes on (usually in the evening on workdays) may well have an impact. single Guldborgsund-19single Guldborgsund-54 Birds: The area houses many different bird species, but the birdlife is definitely most interesting in the breeding season.Mute swan, mallard, moorhen and coot nest on the islets.

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Many thrush nightingales breed in the willow scrub between the car park and the observation tower, making Barup Sø the best locality on Falster for this species.There are many breeding water rail, a pair of bittern and several pairs of marsh harrier, together with sedge warbler, marsh warbler, reed warbler, bearded tit and reed bunting.The uncommon Savi’s warbler has been heard on several occasions.1) Barup Sø2) Bavnehøj Recreational Area3) Bøtø Nor4) Gedser Odde5) Hyllekrog Saksfjed6) Kalløgrå7) Majbølle Nor8) The Maribo lakes9) Møns Klint10) The Nyord meadows11) Ålebæk Strand Falster, west of Stubbekøbing One of north Falster’s best localities for birds in springtime See Google map for parking site etc. Photo: Joy Klein Description: Barup Sø is one of several lakes and bogs that were formed in a long sub-glacial trench valley stretching from Nørre Alslev to Stubbekøbing. In the 1930s it was attempted to drain the lake and cultivate grass for hay on the reclaimed land, but the area could not be drained sufficiently and the project had to be abandoned.The lake returned, and immediately afterwards ducks and other waterfowl appeared and black-headed gulls established a colony.

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